Beginning With Intention














The new year begins as it always does; crisp and new, free from mistakes, full of possibility. Imaginations run wild. Will this be the year? Will we finally make that change? Will we stick with our goals and finally do that thing we have always wanted to do?

 As the swirl of lists circulate and goals are set and promises made, I want to encourage you to stop.
I’m sharing more thoughts on living intentionally and creating space to breathe  today at MomHeart! I hope you will join me there!
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  • Kim…and Her Coffee

    Joy, I so LOVE your posts. My focus this year is to keep God as the leader…. rather than my old habit of “bringing Him along” with my plans. :) I’m already feeling such a difference since honoring my commitment to DAILY time with him BEFORE anyone else. I’ve always gotten lazy and pushed my QT back to later in the day to get more sleep — but there really is NO quiet time once the day starts is there? Just wanted to encourage you to let you know how much your posts are appreciated.