introducing johari creations {and a giveaway!}

Allow me to introduce a beautiful business that gives me goosebumps. Johari Creations was created by my friend, Erika, and her friend Lindsy. Erika has always been one of the coolest women I know. She lives her life sold out for the sake of the gospel. This business is no exception.

These women have an eye for the beautiful, a love for the lost, and a desire to come alongside the struggling and at-risk. I love their heart, their mission, and I LOVE their products!

Here is their mission in their own words:

 ”Johari Creations is a marketplace for handcrafted products made by artisans in developing countries around the world. We seek to come alongside our artisan partners with sustainable incomes, holistic development and shared work and responsibility. We believe amazing beauty can come from poverty and while the artisans handcraft stunning products, it is the artisans themselves we celebrate as “johari” – the Swahili word for jewel.
When I saw that Erika was launching this new business, I wanted to get involved. Erika and Lindsy gifted me with this beautiful necklace, a stunning piece made in Ethiopia and Uganda. I wanted to wear something from the land that is to become my home, and wearing a piece of Uganda around my neck brings tears to my eyes. {I wasn’t able to post a picture of me with the necklace because my husband’s computer broke…long story.}
This is what it is all about. Supporting and empowering our sisters around the world. Johari represents many countries around the world with many different products, but I have to say, my favorites are the ones from Uganda. Here is just one of the beautiful Ugandan artisans:

And now, I want you to join me in getting the word out about Johari Creations! You can learn more about them by following them at these places: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Also, maybe do some of your Christmas shopping at their website? Here is a coupon code for 20% off  your purchase: gracefullmama20

And now, you can enter to win a $20 gift certificate to Johari Creations! There are so many fun things at their website, so head on over to see what you would choose if you win!

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Free E-book- Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood

I am really excited to give you a special gift, a free e-book, Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood!

This ebook is filled with encouragement for mothers, biblical wisdom, practical helps, and several print outs to help you on your journey of mothering well. This book is for every mother who needs vision, encouragement, and a breath of fresh air breathed into their mothering!

It is full of wisdom I have gleaned from my own experience, from my study of the Bible, and from drawing on the wisdom of godly mentors who have gone before me.

I hope and pray that this ebook will help you feel encouraged, empowered, and fulfilled in your job as a mom. There are devotions and simple challenges peppered throughout to help you solidify what you read. Here is a screenshot of some of what you will find inside:


I am so thankful for all of you, my faithful readers, so this is my gift to you, my dear subscribers!

Here is how you get the ebook:

1.Take a moment to subscribe to Grace Full Mama, if you have not already done so. You can also just enter your email address here:

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2. Check your email and confirm your subscription.

3. When a new post comes to your feed or email, you will find the link at the very bottom of that {and all} posts. Here is where you will find the link for the ebook. See the circle and the arrow at the bottom:

















*If the link does not work for you, please email me at thegracefullmama @ gmail dot com and I will send you the direct link!*

4. Be patient, it takes a few moments to download!

5. That’s it! Enjoy! Questions? Feel free to email with questions!

The Dig Winners and a Wee Break

The winners of The Dig ebook are:

Sheryl Thompson



Congrats ladies! If you are a winner please email me so I can pass along your email address to collect your ebook!

If you didn’t win, here is where you can get your own copy of The Dig:

Available on KindleNook, or as a PDF for only $4.99.



I am going to be taking a wee break from blogging for just a few short weeks, but I will be back soon! 

I invite you to subscribe to Grace Full Mama here.

Introducing The Dig! {A Giveaway-3 Copies!}

I want to introduce you to an excellent new resource for exploring the Bible with your kids! It is the brand-new e-book called The Dig.  It is written by Patrick Schwenk, a pastor and a dad. He is the husband to Ruth Schwenk, the creator and editor at The Better Mom.  But, before I talk about how much I love The Dig, I have to talk about how much I love these two people!!!

Come on a quick journey with me down memory lane……

Ruth and I were roommates in college at Moody Bible Institute, and it was there that Ruth met and fell in love with Patrick {and where I met and fell in love with Dave…I guess they don’t call it Moody Bridal Institute for nothing!}. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in Ruth’s wedding and a year later, having her in my wedding as well.  I have watched Pat and Ruth grow in love for the Lord, each other, and as parents over the years, and that is why I am totally thrilled to endorse wholeheartedly Patrick’s wonderful e-book.

Here is a picture of me, Ruth, and Courtney {from Women Living Well} at the Relevant Conference {now called Allume} last year:

Here is my endorsement of The Dig {I was given an advance copy to review}:

“My kids and I have been happily “digging in” to The Dig for the past few weeks.  I am amazed at both the simplicity and the depth of each lesson.  Each of my children love the interesting lessons and they are learning SO much!”

What I love about The Dig is that it is solid Biblical teaching, that it is really simple to use, and that it is fun and interesting for my kids.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more than that!

A typical Dig lesson consists of the following four components:

1. The Map: The Map tells you and your child where you’ll be going in each lesson. It is a short summary of the study ahead.

2. The Dig: The Dig is the main passage you will be studying. Following each passage will be several questions designed to help conversation and understanding. They are meant to be a guide. You can use them or tweak them to help you talk with your children.

3. The Treasure: The Treasure is the big idea of each lesson. In a short statement, it is what you want your child to remember from the passage you studied.

4. The Display: When an archaeologist finds a treasure, they will clean it up and put it on display for everyone to see. This is the basic idea of the Display. It is the application of the Treasure you have found!

To download a free sample lesson – click here. 

And now, I am giving away 3 copies of The Dig here today!! Please leave a comment if you would like a chance to win!!

But, if you don’t want to wait, here is where to buy The Dig now!

Available on KindleNook, or as a PDF for only $4.99!!!

Luke Volume 1 (1-12) DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR ONLY $4.99!

Click to purchase on Kindle for $4.99!

Click to purchase on Nook for $4.99! 

Click to purchase the PDF for $4.99!

I hope you win!!

*Giveaway will end on Friday, August 10th at 9pm PST*

Need A Mentor?

It is no secret that I love Sally Clarkson and her encouragement and teaching for moms.  I found her books in the early years of my mothering, and they have encouraged me ever since.  Today, we are celebrating the launch of her book, The Mom Walk!!  It is a book that she has recently revised and updated, and it’s all pretty and ready for mamas to enjoy!

What is it about?

The Mom Walk is about the journey of motherhood–the long journey–and how to manage all of the twists and turns with God’s grace fueling each day to make it meaningful, joyful and fulfilling.

Although I don’t have my copy yet, I am SURE that it is packed full of blessings and encouragement for moms!

To help celebrate the launch of The Mom Walk, Sally has an amazing list of giveaways!!

Two readers will win:

A copy of The Mom Walk 

A copy of Journey’s of Faithfulness (by Sarah Clarkson)

And then there will be a GRAND PRIZE Bundle that one reader will win:

A copy of Mom Walk
A copy of pre-release copy of Desperate (co-authored with Sarah Mae)
40 minute mentoring session with Sally
To enter these giveaways, go to Sally’s blog, I Take Joy.

Also, tonight there will be a Twitter part tonight at 9pm EST under hashtag #momwalk. Sally will be answering your questions regarding motherhood! Awesome!! Also, there will be prizes at the party! Please join us!

If you want to purchase the book now you can get it 25%off! Go to the Whole Heart Store to get it now!

Ideas for Short-Cut Hospitality and a Giveaway!

Today I am sharing some simple tips and ideas for short-cut hospitality, especially for those of us who are worn out as part of Karen Ehman’s, A Life That Says Welcome book study!

I hope that you will come on over and join in the fun.  There is also a Target gift card giveaway as well as a link-up swap and share for everyone to join!

Here is a little about Karen:

Through her daily blog, writing ventures and many speaking events, Karen’s passion is to provide women with creative inspiration and doable ideas to help them live their priorities and love their lives. She is the Director of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team and is a contributor to Focus on the Family’s magazine Thriving Family.

A popular presenter at Hearts at Home moms’ conferences, Karen is also the author of five books including The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized, A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others and the recently released best-selling ebook Untangling Christmas: Your Go-To Guide for a Hassle-Free Holiday.

She has been a guest on national media shows including The 700 Club, At Home Live, Engaging Women, The Harvest Show, Moody Midday Connection and Focus on the Family. The mother of three, she and her college sweetheart Todd just celebrated their silver anniversary.

So, come join me me for some fun and fellowship!

Mom Heart Online and a Giveaway!!

***This Giveaway is Now Closed***

Last year, I traveled across the world to speak at the Relevant Conference {now Allume Social}. I was able to meet Sally Clarkson in person for the first time.  Although she began speaking to my heart long before  through her books, meeting her was a special treat.

While there, Sally invited me to her room to chat.  In flickering candlelight, we sipped coffee and ate decadent chocolate cake with delicate classical music lilting in the background. She provided an atmosphere of loving welcome and beauty this tired missionary mama’s heart needed so desperately.  She ministered deeply to my heart as a woman, mother, and missionary.  Of course, I left in tears, the good kind.  I realized then that what Sally talks so often about, one-on-one discipleship, is exactly what she modeled for me that night. I will treasure the memory of that evening with Sally forever.

Just as she ministered to me that night, she, along with some other beautiful women, have created a beautiful space to minister to mom hearts! I am SO excited to share this with you…..

Today is the official launch day of Mom Heart Online

Mom Heart Online

What is the purpose for Mom Heart Online? 

The ocean of “mom blogs” on the Internet seems to grow wider and deeper every day. You already know that it is impossible to follow every good blog you find as you surf that ocean. If you did, there wouldn’t be much time left for mothering! So, you are right to want to know what makes Mom Heart Online different. Out of all the wonderful mom blogs wanting and deserving your attention, why should you visit us here? Why is it worth your valuable time to spend time here?

​Mom Heart Online is spiritual harbor. We’re here not just to bring you in to stay, but also to send you out to sail. We are a place any mom can come to be encouraged, equipped, and enabled as a mother after God’s heart. We are here to inspire and engage your heart with great content that calls you to a high vision for your life as a mother, to create an online community of moms where you can network and interact with others who share your heart, to train you how to easily start and lead your own Mom Heart Group to continue in life what you find online, and to provide quality and original materials and resources that will fill your heart and mind with life-changing wisdom and truth. That’s why!


In honor of this big day, Sally has graciously given me a copy of The Mission of Motherhood to give away to one of you!

To enter, just leave a comment at the end of this post! *Giveaway ends Friday, March 23rd at Midnight*
I hope that you will join me at Mom Heart Online, where together we can meet together as moms and fellowship as we grow in our love for our families, each other, and most of all Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, bring your chocolate cake and coffee and I’ll meet you there!

Giveaway Winners

The winners of the giveaway for Educating the WholeHearted Child are:







1. Growingagodlygirl {I have no contact info for you, so please email me}

2. Amanda

3. Ashley Olander {please email me}

And, like I said before,  you should do everything you can to get yourself to one of these conferences!!

Have a great weekend!

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