Delighting in God’s Beauty-Refresh Your Soul Week 4

I love nature. I am a Northwest girl, who loves a good hike, a picnic outside, or a day trip to the beach. Nothing speaks to my soul as deeply as a beautiful mountain, a sweeping landscape, or an immense ocean that seems endless.

Some people are not. They would prefer the mall to the trail. That’s ok. I love indoor things too. My challenge for us today is to look for beauty and take an extra moment to be thankful for it and to relish it more than we usually would. Where I live, there is some real beauty, but it is interspersed with trash piles and cracking cement. I have had to become a beauty hunter to find and appreciate beauty in my every day. And, guess what?  I have found as Ann Voskamp says, “The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems.” When I started to hunt for beauty, to see God’s handiwork all around me, I found it everywhere, and in some unlikely places.

But let’s not enjoy beauty simply for beauty’s sake. Let us see the beauty all around us, and use it to point us to God’s glory.

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work if His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.” Psalm 19:1-2

God’s creation is telling us something about HIM!

What if the Iguazu Falls {one of the wonders of the world} were put there to tell us about the person who put them there? More to the point, what if everything was put here to tell us something about Him?” Steve DeWitt, Eyes Wide Open

But no created thing can satisfy the cravings of our heart. As Augustine says, “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

And even more than this, the beauty that we find points us to THE most beautiful One, Jesus Christ.

The real desirability is found in Christ. God made every created beauty in this world as an expression of Christ’s beauty and the beauty of the Father’s love for the Son. All beauty is a breadcrumb path that leads us to Christ.” -Steve DeWitt, Eyes Wide Open

Have you spent time meditating on Christ’s beauty? The beauty of what was done, finished, completed on the Cross. Can you fathom the love the Father has for the Son, and the love the Father has for us? I can’t. I can’t even fathom it. 

Here are some things that have turned my heart to God in praise this week:

  • an orchid purchased for $12.00
  • flickering candlelight
  • delicious coffee in the early morning
  • the giggle of my son
  • a butterfly hatching on our banana tree
  • laughing hard when Hudson does his crazy dance
  • fruit-lots of it, mangoes, papaya, bananas of all shape, size, and color, rambutan {hairy fruit}, etc
  • the tired, satisfied smile of a hubby coming home after a long, hard day of serving people in the jungle
  • fresh baked bread
  • MAGNUM BAR {I think these are pretty beautiful!}
  • rubbing backs of boys too old to cuddle, but want to be touched just the same
  • discussing literature with a friend over a drink at the air-conditioned hotel {bliss!}
  • the whoops and hollers of boys having a nerf gun fight that overtakes the whole house
  • blooming roses
  • the smell of gardenias picked on the side of the road

Frederick Langbridge says it so eloquently in his famous quote,” Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars.”

Take a few moments today and find the beauty around you. And let it turn your heart in awe to the True Beauty found in Jesus Christ. What beauty have you found this week?

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  • Stacey

    I’ve been reading thru Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts Devotional (what a blessing it is!) and one of the beauties I’ve found this week is lying is freshly fallen snow with my 10 year old son & making snow angels. Haven’t made those in a LONG time, and I forgot how peaceful it is to lie in the snow, look up, and enjoy the beauty that God has created!

  • Lou Ann

    We’ve had about three weeks of rain, snow, hail, more rain, wind and rain . . . . It’s been one of those months. Today, the sky is somewhat blue, and the sun is out for the second time all month. THAT is beautiful! How we appreciate what we haven’t seen in a while. How wonderful just to walk outside without getting wet.

    But while inside, I’ve had more time to feed my soul. And, that’s really beautiful! Thinking about what Christ did for me fills me with gratitude and praise.

    Thank you for your Refreshing series. Great! God bless!

  • Dayna

    I so needed to be reminded to look at the beauty. My son had a tonsillectomy Tuesday, and both my children have had fevers since Friday. I need to find some beauty today because after all the strength I’ve found to fight it began to run out yesterday. Thank you for this reminder.

  • Christina Yerke

    I love this post! I read Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” last year at this time and her book has truly transformed my life! To change one’s way of thinking – to always be giving thanks for even the smallest of gifts – is truly such a wonderful way of living! Some things I have found beauty in this week are: 1. Our 1-year-old daughter’s little laugh (and the way it makes the rest of us smile, too); 2. Time spent playing Thomas the Train’s with my 4-year-old son; 3. Our 13-year-old and the way she dances; 4. Freshly fallen snow and the way it sparkles like diamonds in the moon light; 5. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table.

    Thanks for the reminder to live with a thankful heart!

  • KM Logan @lessonsfromivy

    When life get’s overwhelming, finding goodness in the little things is so incredibly helpful. Thank you for this reminder today.

  • Sandra Lee Trespeces

    what beautiful words! I love the quote from Eyes Wide Open about how if everything was created just for us to find Him. And your list of praise was so refreshing. :)

  • Elisabeth Allen

    I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for this series. It’s been a blessing to me this month. Thank you for sharing from your heart and being a blessing. May God grant you a wonderful February now! :)

  • Sarah

    I really love your comment about having to become a “beauty hunter” and have been thinking about it for a few days now since I first read this post. I, too, live in a place where I have to be very intentional to seek out and see the beauty God has put around us and that phrase completely resonated with me and has encouraged me in that pursuit this week. I am really loving this series and delight to see each time a new post comes up in my feed in the evening before I head to bed. Thank you for sharing the gospel with us, with me, in each post.

  • Kelsey

    “Where I live, there is some real beauty, but it is interspersed with trash piles and cracking cement.”

    I can completely relate to this! We live and serve in Peru where it is very much the same. But as messy as it may be some times, it almost makes those things of beauty we stumble upon even more beautiful. I love it. :)