Five Simple Ways To Be A Great Mom Today


As school starts again, life gets busy, and we can forget to invest in the little things that keep us connected with our kids. Join me at Roo Mag today for five simple ways to love on your kids!

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  • Tim

    Joy, as you think about your time in Alaska compared to Indonesia…what are the differences in terms of how you were prepared, your expectations going in, support group, etc? I was at a conference in Chicago recently where a Russian Orthodox priest who has lived in AK 30+ years spoke of outsiders coming in with good intentions for the locals but said most are completely unprepared for what they are getting into. They go through phases like you’ve described…romantic views, reality, frustration, anger then usually leave. Thanks

  • Mary @ The Mommy Job

    Joy- I loved your post over at Roo- it was a great reminder to focus on the basic with our kiddos :)