Ideas for Mothers and Daughters

Connecting with my daughter isn’t hard.  She is a sweet, fun-loving girl that shares a common love to read with me. The hard part about spending quality time with her is planning ahead and finding special things we can do together.  And, since she has 4 brothers, a little girl time is always welcome! Here are some ways that we have found to connect…maybe they will inspire you!

Join me at Roo Mag for simple, doable ideas for mothers and daughters and share your ideas too!

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  • sarah

    Hi Joy, I’m sorry to bother you with such a trivial question, but I keep trying to leave a comment on the momheart blog and it doesn’t let me, but says ‘Not logged in, awaiting moderation’. Can you tell me how to log in? I’m not great with this techy stuff. THanks so much, and have so enjoyed reading your blog, I so appreciate the way you keep pointing us back to Jesus. God bless you.

    • Joy

      Sarah, I know that they are having some problems with comments over there. I know that the tech team is aware of it and are working on fixing it. Sorry that you’ve had so much trouble! :)