Living Slow

I love hanging up the laundry.  I love answering the question, “Can we read one more story?” with a resounding yes. I love feeling excitement instead of stress when I hear my squeaky gate open announcing a visitor. I love taking time to steep myself in His Word throughout the day. I love stopping to smell the roses {literally! My roses smell amazing.}. I love having the time to spend visiting a new friend at the hospital. I love making bread. I love sipping coffee. I love laughing as I sit and watch all the neighborhood boys join in a game of soccer in my front yard.

I love living slow. I love living deep instead of fast. I love finding God in all of these moments in my day.

Some people manage to do all these things AND do an amazing job at blogging. Apparently I am not one of those people. I love blogging, but I also love not blogging. How is that for confusing? 

I am spending time figuring out how to do life well as I have come back to Indonesia after a time of rest in the US. I am figuring out who I am and what I am about.

Just thought I’d let you know.

If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by. I will be excited to hear the gate open. You can smell the roses on your way in, join in the soccer game, and be sure to grab a piece of bread. Come on out back, I’ll be hanging up the laundry. We can sit and sip some coffee and chat.

For now I am going to be quiet. But not forever. 

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  • Trisha Goddard

    Dear friend, you never know, someday, I might be opening your gate! I have plans someday to make it over there! :) Thanks for sharing.

  • Kara @ The Chuppies

    You are always a breath of fresh air Joy…have been wondering how you’ve adjusted to the new school, new routine, this time of online pause…
    Let me know what’s next on your book list–
    I’m about 3/4 through Tripp’s “War of Words”…as with everything he writes…it’s wonderfully convicting and encouraging at the same time.
    P.S. Found 12 chicken eggs today from 4 chickens…our girls are incredible! It’s pouring Portland rain outside right now and the air smells like fall…for Cavan’s birthday we’re deciding between getting him a rat or a turtle…your feeding-the-turtle comments have me leaning that direction. :)

  • Sarah Mae

    Oh friend, I so get you. :)

  • Lori Harris

    Do it! Get quiet, soak Him up and then soak Him up some more. I’m in the same season of life-the figuring out who I am and what this ministry-church plant-home church network in the Bible belt looks like. I’ve spent a year in this quiet space, just journaling (blogging, but not looking for someone to respond) and it has been a crazy, sweet time of motherhood, ministry, and me. I’ve spent so much time digging deep and just sitting at His feet because really, I am out of my comfort zone and I can’t be anything but quiet and still.
    I applaud you for taking time to smell the roses, love your family, and seek the Lord. Embrace this time and journal-just for you…and maybe for us!

  • Monica @ The Homespun Heart

    Yes, Joy – enjoy this slowing. I have been purposeful about slowing and still feel too busy – does that make sense? God is continuing to call me to choose even slower. And, it is refreshing to respond with yes! Slow Day is now my favorite day every week at our house and I’m looking for ways to incorporate more slow into the other days as well. Right there with you, friend! Love you! Monica

  • womenlivingwell

    I’ll be right there – you have the coffee – I’ll bring cookies :)
    Love you girl!

  • thebettermom

    Love you love you love you sweet friend! :)

  • Elise @A Path Made Straight

    This slowing may just be something we are forever reaching for… may we always notice when it’s slipped too far away. You are wise, dear friend.
    I’ll bring the Starbucks. :) xo

  • dtoplov

    As much as I enjoy your posts and have been spiritually uplifted by them, I am an even stronger advocate of spending less time blogging (or reading blogs) and more time being engaged with the family and with our wonderful Creator. Sometimes blogging can mask itself as a means to be heard and affirmed by others. I say this, because I experienced it myself. :) Take your time to “live slow,” and as each of us turn more of our “internet” time into being still before Him, we will reap the blessing of knowing Him in a much more intimate way.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  • GraceLaced

    I’ve been praying for you, and wondering how you’ve been. Thanks for the update, and for speaking my heart language…of authenticity and willingness to set aside was is good to have what is BEST. Love you.

  • Barbie

    I’d love to slow down, to sit, to sip coffee with you. Savoring life’s moments. That’s what it is all amount.

  • Kristen

    I have been trying to figure out a way to describe how I don’t want to live a “busy” life, but then it comes out sounding lazy instead, which is not what I desire either. Slow, deep and intentional is just the way I want to live for my Savior and serve my family, friends, and neighbors. Thank you for these words of encouragement!

  • K

    How many of us Moms living in America today can honestly say we feel closest to God shuttling our kids from gymnastics to karate to soccer practices and then to Wednesday night church, after a full day of homeschooling and cooking and cleaning, and by this time feeling all petered out? I would venture to guess none of us. This is why I also cut-out a lot this past year–I hear you Joy! This year I too chose “slow” and feel more whole. For me, it is those quiet, slower times that our lives feel fantastically whole, our priorities feel right and are in check, and I believe His presence is felt threefold. God bless you Joy, you have your life priorities in order. I am praying for you and your missionary family now, you are an inspiration. With Love, K

  • Lauren Koeninger

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Don’t know why we as women always struggle with this. You know, being a Mary and not a Martha. Sitting at the feet of our Jesus and basking in his glory. It’s a beautiful thing. Also love the coffee art!

  • LBrookeCooney

    Joy, I can so identify! We have started fostercare for the first time, I am homeschooling my preschool children, and I also blog. How to juggle all of this, enjoy it, and pursue Christ in the ministry that He gives is sometimes a mystery. Thank you for this thoughtful post. Could it be that when we are silent often, the words that we do speak resonate farther? Thank you for resonating with me today.

  • tawnya

    I’d love to be your next door neighbor! Guess this is the next best thing though!

  • Kate Wilson

    Hi Joy, I just recently found your blog and started following. One thing I’ve discovered about blogging myself is that if we aren’t careful, we could spend more time writing about living than actually living. It sounds like you’re committed to living the life God gave you, and that’s just what you should do! Thanks for blogging–it’s been an uplifting new read for me. And the reason it’s uplifting isn’t because there’s a new blog every day or that there’s a ton of content–it’s because the content is real, transparent, and encouraging. :)
    In Him,
    Kate Wilson

  • brooke

    Like. We used to read our favorite authors in a book or in a once a month magazine. They had time to live and to create and write. I like reading bloggers who don’t write every day. ;)

  • Jody Dake

    I am so very proud of you Joy. I have often said there are different seasons in our lives and even though your blogging may be a “good” thing, your family is the “best” thing at the present and maybe a little later, or even a few years later, your blogging can be the “best” thing. Never feel guilty about giving your best and your all, first to our Lord and Savior and next to your family.
    I would LOVE to be able to come through your gate, but can only do that through pictures. Wish my girls, who are 20, and almost 19 and 19 could come through your gate and visit you at your home on the mission field, while they are “preparing to be a help meet” someday. Blessings to you Joy and be encouraged in the One who gives you the strength to carry on and be who God created you to be. Love, lean, and obey His Words for your life.
    When you have time to read, (hahahahah!) instead of write, come on over to and knock on our “gate.” We’d LOVE to have you!

  • Bekah

    Just found your blog and really appreciated this post. I was wondering if there was anyone who lived slow anymore! I homeschool 4 little ones age 9 and under, and most days feel like that’s a lot with no outside commitments. I often wonder how other moms “do it all.” Most of the time the “need” I feel to do other things (mostly outside the home) is because I look at other people’s lives and don’t listen to the still small voice of the One who gives me just enough time to do what He’s called me to. Blessings to you! BTW: I live in Portland and love hearing your dad preach.

  • Daniele

    Oh yes…yes, and amen. Thank you…

  • whitlee shrum

    Hello, Im new to following your blog, and really following blogs in general. I’m a 23 year old single missionary in Costa Rica. Im currently back in the states fundraising. I’m sure you understand how not “living slow” that can be. I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me how beautiful living a simple life is. I miss my hammock chair, the weekly farmers market, welcoming everyone to our little church, and the views (man those mountains are beautiful!) it’s great to be reminded how much we desire what God has laid on our hearts! Thanks again for the post. I look forward to reading many more!

  • Stacy Karen

    So with you on this, Joy. I don’t think I’ve commented here much, but I do visit and read. I’m convicted to live slow and it is challenging at times. Life seems to speed up without my knowing it.

    I hope you are enjoying your sips of coffee and reading another book to your children.

  • Janelle