Motherhood Really Does Matter

As I talk about needing refreshment as we begin the new year, one way it comes in a form of this beautiful video. This video is such a balm to my soul and I hope it is to yours as well. It is inspiring to see older women encouraging younger moms in their job as mom. It makes my heart happy, and it refreshes my soul.

So, please enjoy this video from Sally Clarkson….

One Mom Heart to Another – Sally Clarkson from Allan Spiers on Vimeo.

To read more about Sally’s heart for mothers and her vision for the next generation, please read her post here.  Thank you Sally!


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  • Monica @ The Homespun Heart

    oh my, what a blessing, encouragement and timely moment for me this morning. Thank you, Joy!

    • Joy

      Oh I am so glad Monica. It speaks so deeply to my soul as well. Monica, I wish you and I could sit and chat over a cup of something hot. I think of you so often, especially over the holidays, because I make your wonderful pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas and *blush* I eat the leftovers with my coffee in the morning! :)

  • Leslie

    This just makes me cry. :) I have realized more and more how much I struggle with feeling guilty for all of the things I don’t do with/for my kids that I don’t rejoice in the things God has enabled me to do. This was certainly balm to my heart and mind this morning. A good ‘refresh’ button. Thank you!

    • Joy

      Yes, Leslie. I do so agree with you. It made me cry like a baby too. :) Sally has a special gift for encouraging us weary mamas, doesn’t she?!

  • Cassandra Dorman

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Joy

      Oh, you are so welcome.

  • Terri S

    Thank you for sharing this Joy! It is so encouraging. Your posts usually are. I love Sally and how she is such an encourager as well. Blessings for your day!

    • Joy

      Thank you, Terri. Yes, Sally is a wonderful encourager!

  • Sheri P

    Thank you so much for sharing. I really need this today. It makes starting a new year hopeful.

    • Joy

      Oh dear, I am so glad. I love hearing from you. :)

  • Sally Clarkson

    Thanks, sweet Joy, my kindred spirit. Sending love to you today.

    • Joy

      Absolutely anytime, dear Sally. Thank you for giving your life for the sake of His name, and using it to bless and encourage SO many of us. Love you.

  • arcelia

    Tears, tears, tears. I’m so thankful!

    • Joy

      Me too. I am so glad you loved it. :)

  • Marissa D

    Loved it when I heard it from Joy yesterday, and loved more today when you shared again. Thank you


    • Joy

      I am so glad Marissa. Have a wonderful day. :)

  • Rosalie

    What a beautiful video! Thank you so much for sharing!