Sisterhood….The Finale

On this journey toward understanding sisterhood we have covered a lot of ground!  We have talked about the call to sisterhood, embracing who God has made us to be, risking getting real, learning to accept each other’s differences, encouraging one another, how comparing ourselves with others steals our joy, and lastly, rejoicing over the fact the He sees each one of us.

And, so as we end this journey I want to ask you a few questions that you can ponder in your own heart:

-What is your greatest hindrance keeping you from getting real?

-Where have you been comparing yourself to others?

-Do you really believe that He sees you? Are you finding your identity in Him?

As I shared this at the Relevant conference, I asked the ladies to put their hand on the shoulder of a woman near them.  Let’s do this virtually!  Think of someone, a friend that you can pray for right now….

-Pray for her heart, that she would rest in who God has made her to be.

-Pray over her ministry, that she would be so filled up with His love that it would spill out of her both online and off.

-Pray for her friendships, that she would seek to love others as He has first loved her.

As we end, just this:

The world is watching us. They arewatching how we love one another, to see if we truly practice what we preach. We have the unique privilege and responsibility to be missionaries to a watching world. We can present to the world a picture of unity in Christ, and be a shining testimony for Him to a world that is lost.

This is our Esther moment. Let us not waste this opportunity to stand firm together in a beautiful picture of sisterhood, unity, and a true picture of the body of Christ. Each of us using our unique callings, abilities, personalities, and gifts to reach a world that is lost.

Let me pray for all of us:

O Lord, you know that we are weak and frail women. But, O Lord, we do so want to be used by You, to shine Your glory. Lord, I pray that You would bind us together, to become a picture of the unity of Christ to the world. May we stop looking at ourselves, at our insecurities, our failings, our mess-ups, but rather only to You. Use each of us with our unique capabilities however you will.  We pray, O Lord, that you would mold us into Your image and use us as a sisterhood of women. May we only seek your applause and rest knowing that we have followed You. Amen.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!! You can read all the posts in this series here.  And if you want to hear the audio of the talk, go here.

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  • Michelle DeRusha

    Amen, Joy. Amen.

    • Joy

      Thank you Michelle.

  • Kelli

    These posts have been so great! Far too long and too often I do feel so isolated. Even when I reach out it seems it is not returned. I just need to trust in Him and look to Him!!! Thank you.

    • Joy

      You are welcome Kelli. I, too, have felt that way at times. You are right that we need to trust Him with our hearts and rest in His arms!!

  • Tanya

    Beautiful, Joy. Thank you. And now let me pray for you…
    Lord, I lift up my sister to you who so obediently does Your work. Pour into her all that she pours out. Fill her up with a new hope, a new vision, a new peace to go forth doing Your work. Bless the path before her… Tuck her into Your bosom.. love on her and shine brightly on her life… Reassure her how delighted you truly are with her. Bless Your name O Lord! You are King! We exalt You, and lift You up! To You be ALL the glory! In Your precious mighty name, Amen.

    • Joy

      Thank you sweet Tanya. Tears are flowing here. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Joy- I appreciate you so much! You’re honesty is like salve for my heart. I feel like God is bringing us to a big Esther moment if only we would love on each other and work together!!! I’m so tired of feeling isolated…we are the body of Christ- even miles between computer screens!!! Love you!!

    • Joy

      Thank you sweetie! I am so glad that your heart beats like mine does! Thanks for joining in the sisterhood!

  • Muthering Heights

    Love. It!

    • Joy

      Love YOU!

  • Erin Messing

    This whole series has been so needed at this point in my life. Thank you for sharing! And I am so glad you are blogging again. Your words inspire and remind me that I need to look to God for my strength.

    • Joy

      Thank you Erin. I am so blessed that my struggles and learning slowly can encourage others to look to Him. :) Thanks for commenting!!

  • Christine

    Not having many Christian sisters around me everyday, it’s easy to feel so alone and weary. It’s a true blessing to be able to come on here everyday and share this journey with you. Pray for me. God Bless!

    • Joy

      I will pray for you and yes, it is so hard when you are alone. But the internet is an amazing thing where we can connect and feel refreshed together in Him! I’m so glad you are here!!

  • Jennifer Hoyt Hendrix Hutchins

    This sounds like such an amazing conference. I would love to have one of these Relevant conferences in GA. Thank you so muh for your work on this blog. Although I am a new follower, I appreciate you. You have dared to tackle issues we as women and mothers need more information on yet not too many blogs are willing to go there.

    • Joy

      Well, Jennifer, I am so glad you are here. And yes, the conference was truly amazing. It was balm for my soul, and encouraged me so much. Thank you for your kind words, although I don’t know that I deserve them. I have been learning that when I open up about my struggles THAT is what God uses. Which is scary for me. I don’t like to let my ugly hang out all over the place…. BUT if it blesses and encourages others and brings glory to God, then bring it on! :)

  • Kelli

    You used the phrase, “practice what we preach” . . . reminded me of something I read recently: If we are practicing what we preach, we’ll be too busy to preach! (I would only add “with words” on the end . . . )
    Can’t wait to check out all your related posts!

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Joy, I have been on and off (mostly off) the computer for the last little while, but wanted to stop by here and tell you that you are a great encouragement for us all. And that I love you, your heart and what you stand for.

    Have a blessed day
    With love

    • Joy

      Thank you sweet Renee. You are so good at encouraging. Thank you for that. I always feel refreshed when I read your kind comments. Thank you for blessing me today sweet sister. :)

  • Christine- Fruit in Season

    You are just a light, shining an example to all of us. Thank you for your transparency and your encouragement!

    • Joy

      Thank you Christine. As I said below, I am finding that God wants me to be real and that is when He uses me….which is so difficult! But, I am finding joy in seeing God use my mess to encourage others. :) Love you sister!

  • Leigh

    Joy thanks so much for these words and these posts. It’s always a blessing to be reminding of what the Lord wants us to be doing. I’m so inspired by your words and the just walk straight into my heart and soul. Thank you for that friend! xo

  • Ellen

    Reminds me of a quote by Ken Keith, “Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.”
    Found you through the blog hop. :)
    Not too long ago I wrote a post about this, if you get a chance stop by