Transitioning From Summer To School


Goodbye lemonade and splashing in the pool. Hello sharpened pencils, clean sheets of notebook paper, and the fresh air of cooler weather.  The reality of school looms ahead, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Say goodbye to summer and welcome the newness of school with fun and excitement.

If you are anything like me, if it is going to happen, it needs to be simple.

Join me today at Roo Mag for simple and fun ideas for back to school, and come share your ideas too!

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  • Melinda Elam

    I used those posters too! I thought they were super cute and simple! I have one daughter and she is going into the 5th grade. I homschool and so we started the first of August, so that maybe we can take off most of December and enjoy the Reason for the Season! Anyway, I found your blog and then sent your husbands blog to my husband. My husband is a commercial pilot, although he has never flown professionally yet. He has owned a transmission shop for about 12 years and would love to sell it, buy an airplane, start flying our pastor and others around, teach drum lessons, do mechanic work on the side, get some rent houses, etc. The dude has plans, which we believe God is directing. Anyway, thanks for your blog and God bless all the goings on over there!

    • Joy

      Hi Melinda! I homeschool too, but this year we are starting a bit later. Thanks for saying hello and telling me about your family and your husband! I love his dream for his future! Have a great day.

  • Jane Linkeman

    I love to hear that you are homeschooling. We have two daughters, seven and ten. I really enjoy reading your website/blog

  • Noel McNeil

    I am not in the school years yet, but I love the idea to take a picture with each kid holding a paper with their school year on it. So cute! And yes, the ideas for transitioning are great too. ;)

  • TraciMLittle

    LOVE these ideas!!!! thanks!